Site Revamp + New Blog

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Hey everyone!

If you've never been to my site before: Welcome! If you have, you'll notice it looks completely new. I decided to give it a much needed update, and I think it looks pretty awesome!

I'm currently down to the last days of my freshman year here at GW, and life in college and in DC has been the most amazing thing. The change is spectacular, and the whole year has been one hell of a journey.

More exciting news: I'm interning for Radio America this summer as a part of the National Journalism Center's Summer Internship Program. I'm very, very excited to say the least. I've explored both broadcast and print journalism thus far, and I can't wait to tread in unchartered territory and work in radio realm for a little while. I'm also looking forward to living in the District for the summer as well. I've heard good things about DC's Fourth of July, and to spend it surrounded by good friends in a place that I love sounds even better.

So starting this summer, I'll be chronicling my experiences as a journalism intern, a DC resident, a college student, and as a person right here! Expect some hearty pieces about the topics du jour as well (Gotta keep the writing sharp)! I'll also be attempting to teach myself Russian and reading every book I can get my hands on this summer, so expect random musings on those things as well. Maybe some vlogs too? Who knows...

Until next time! 

- Julia