Julia Arciga

I’m a politics-focused reporter based in Washington D.C., currently writing for The Daily Beast.



I am a Washington-based journalist who loves covering politics from all kinds of unique angles.

Currently, I'm a reporter at The Daily Beast –primarily working on the site's Cheat Sheet breaking news brief feature and writing politics and news-of-day stories on the side.

My passion for journalism started in the broadcast realm, but I’ve since migrated to the digital space—where multimedia ventures like audio and video are possible.

I’m currently…

  • Writing, reporting breaking news and politics-related things at The Daily Beast.

  • Following the ins-and-outs of the Mueller probe in U.S. District Court.

  • Writing a weekly newsletter called The Rip & Read—which collates the best from the world-wide-web and delivers it to you inbox.

  • Supporting the Self Evident podcast (I was interviewed for it in January—stay tuned!)

  • Working towards reading 10 books by the end of this year—particularly female-centric books and books about historical events I don’t know much about.

  • Focusing on learning new things and meeting new people.

  • Exercising 4x a week, adapting an as-ketogenic-as-possible diet and minimalism into my lifestyle.

(Inspired by Alex Laughlin)